Medicare vs. Medicaid

There are a few different options for getting health insurance from the government when you live in the US. Two of the most popular options are Medicaid and Medicare. Let’s discuss what each of these programs are, as well as options for enrollment and which program might be right for you.


Medicare is a form of health insurance that’s typically provided for individuals that are 65 and older, so that they can have health insurance during retirement. There are some age exceptions to this, such as if someone is going to enroll in a Special Needs Plan.

Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare are the two types of policies within Medicare. Original Medicare provides standardized coverage and is the default option many people are enrolled in. The alternative, Medicare Advantage, allows individuals to have more say in their coverage. Medicare Advantage policies are sold through private insurance agencies.

Medicare is a great option if you’re wanting to save money on healthcare costs during retirement or you have a qualifying diagnosis that allows you to receive increased services. If you’re considering enrolling in Medicare, make sure that you pay attention to the enrollment periods. It’s typically best to enroll in Medicare close to your 65th birthday, so that you can avoid any late fees and will have access to the full scope of coverage.


Medicaid is similar to Medicare, except that it’s awarded based on financial need, not age. Individuals in qualifying income brackets can get access to Medicaid and save money on health insurance. There aren’t any age requirements when it comes to Medicaid. In fact, your whole family may be able to qualify for Medicaid if your income is within the qualification range.

Enrolling in Medicaid is a fairly simple process and many people find that it’s easier than enrolling in Medicare. Before you begin the enrollment process, make sure that you check the current eligibility requirements.

Medicaid is an excellent way to save money, but can you be enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare at the same time? Yes! In fact, dual enrollment is an excellent way to save as much money as possible when it comes to medical expenses. Many people choose dual enrollment because it helps them fill in any gaps that might exist in their policy.

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Both Medicaid and Medicare have similar costs. The premiums for these programs must be paid monthly, but how much that amount is will likely depend on your income. Another important cost to discuss is a plan’s deductible. This is the amount that you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket before the entirety of your policy’s coverage begins.

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