There are a variety of different plans offered through Medicare Advantage. If you’re in the enrollment and policy selection phase, then it’s important that you understand the different Medicare Advantage plans available. Let’s dive into a popular plan option and discuss if it could be the right choice for you. As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions or would like to sit down with a member of our team to discuss your various insurance options.


Health maintenance organization (HMO) plans are an excellent way to get network coverage. When you enroll in this type of policy, there will be a list of providers that are covered. It’s strongly recommended that you seek care from this list of providers. If you go outside of your network for care, it may not be covered and you may end up needing to pay entirely out-of-pocket.

Primary Care Providers

One important thing to know about HMOs is that they do require you to select a primary care provider (PCP). This is the individual that will be your main point of contact if health issues arise and they’ll also be in charge of writing you referrals if you need to see specialists. HMOs do require referrals for specialist visits.

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When you enroll in a HMO plan, you’ll automatically have Original Medicare coverage. From there you can select other areas of coverage, such as dental and vision insurance, that make sense for your situation.

Prescription drug coverage is important for most people and the good news is that the majority of HMO plans do provide prescription drug coverage. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to enroll in additional Medicare prescription drug coverage options, so it’s important to select a HMO plan that provides the coverage you’re looking for.


One of the biggest questions that many people have is about the differences between HMOs and PPOs. One of the biggest differences is that HMOs are much more strict about the providers individuals see. Another key difference is that HMOs do require a referral to see specialists, whereas PPO plans do not require a primary care doctor or referrals.

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